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Rules (General terms of business)

To upload pictures at picolodia.com you have to obey following rules:

  • You must owe the copyrights for every picture that you upload at picolodia.com.
  • In case you want to upload a picture that you do not owe yourself you have to acquire a written permission of the author of the picture to spread it in the internet. In other words: Pictures, you cannot freely dispose of we do not want in picolodia.com.
  • While uploading a picture your IP address will be saved.
  • The liability is on you. picolodia.com is at pains to follow up violations actively as well as to avoid them by means of system technical and manual interventions.
  • picolodia.com can remove pictures without statement of reasons. In case following characteristics become true, picolodia will delete the entry: anti-Semitic, racist or pornographic content, offence against copyrights, offence against law, offence against third-party rights.
  • Uploaded pictures which are your property are protected by copyright!
  • Offences against our rules lead to a exclusion at picolodia.com!